Week 3

Week 3

Each of the mini-projects below are optional but highly encouraged. We will review the mini-projects at the beginning of the next webinar!

Please note: All activities should be completed under the supervision of a trusted adult, to ensure the child's safety. The GiSTEM team is not responsible for the child's safety.

Access the week 1 mini-project here.

Access the week 2 mini-project here

Draw an animal in its habitat!

Grades K-1

Draw your favorite animal in its habitat!


  • Draw a parrot in a rain forest

  • Draw a polar bear in the arctic

  • Draw dolphin in the ocean

  • Draw an elephant in grassland

Make your own rainbow!

Grades 2-5


  • Water

  • Sunlight or a flashlight

  • A small mirror (pocket mirror)


  1. Fill the glass half way with water

  2. Place the mirror inside of the glass at an angle

  3. Position the glass so that the sunlight directly hits the mirror

  4. Lastly, place a piece of paper above the cup and look for the rainbow!

(If it doesn't work, try shining a flashlight at the mirror)

How the model will look

Additional Resources

  • Challenge slides (below) - Great compilation of experiments and articles.

Check out slide 4 for animal resources!

Check out slide 5 for rainbow resources!

Challenge Slides