Week 2

Week 2

Each of the mini-projects below are optional but highly encouraged. We will review the mini-projects at the beginning of the next webinar!

Please note: All activities should be completed under the supervision of a trusted adult, to ensure the child's safety. The GiSTEM team is not responsible for the child's safety.

Access the week 1 mini-project here.

Pen chromatography!

(All grade levels)

Create fun designs and watch the science happen right in front of your eyes!

It is quick, simple and fun!


  • Paper towel or coffee filter paper

  • Sharpies or Markers (black looks really cool!) (felt tip pens work great)

  • Water

  • A Glass


  1. Cut the filter paper or paper towels into thin 1 inch strips

  2. Draw a line about 1/2 inch with the marker above the bottom of the strip

  3. Carefully place the strip of paper into a cup slightly filled with water just so that the bottom of the strip touches the water

  4. Make sure to not place the whole strip in water

  5. Watch the colors separate and the magic happen!

Additional Chemistry Resources

Check out slide 3 for chemistry resources!

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