Week 1

Week 1

Each of the mini-projects below are optional but highly encouraged. We will review the mini-projects at the beginning of the next webinar!

Please note: All activities should be completed under the supervision of a trusted adult, to ensure the child's safety. The GiSTEM team is not responsible for the child's safety.


Grades K-1 Mini-Project

Draw the Solar System!

What to include:

  • The sun

  • All planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune)

  • Orbits

  • Color!

moon journal.pdf

Grades 2-5 Mini-Project

Keep a Moon Journal!

Look at the moon through a window from inside your house each night.

Draw a picture of the moon for each night and record it in the log below.

Next to each drawing, write the phase of the moon. Use the moon phases diagram to help you!

We'll review the answers at the next webinar!

Click on the button above to access the moon log!

More Astronomy Resources!

Craters on Planets Experiment - Check out this easy experiment to learn more about craters!

Challenge Slides (below) - Lots of great resources (articles, videos, experiments) that we've compiled!

Video from the webinar (below) - Amazing Universe zoom-out video. Great summary of our lesson!

Challenge Slides