Camp Updates

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Camp Overview

Free, weekly, 30-minute, STEM webinars for girls K-5!

Hello! We are local high school students passionate about teaching STEM to young girls. Amid pandemic times, we want to help young girls stay engaged with STEM. We will hold FREE webinars for girls K-5.

The girls will engage in interactive webinar sessions for 30 minutes and discover answers to questions about our daily lives. We will cover STEM topics ranging from how rainbows work to the science behind baking. If you are interested in learning about the science behind our everyday lives, these webinars are for you!

parent Testimonials

"The sessions we attended were outstanding and I was VERY impressed with the maturity, openness, flexibility, and enthusiasm of the instructor!!!"

"I think you did an excellent job. I felt your delivery was welcoming and calming to the little girls which allowed them to feel safe to ask or not ask questions. I learned some things."

"Thank you for providing this, it was great to have such a great young role model for my daughter."